Slot types and tournaments

Electronic gaming machines are very important part of gambling business. According to the statistical data, namely gaming automats run gambling houses at a great profit. As a fact, they attract a human's attention more than any other casino game. Probably, people chose this type of gambling because of the simplicity and fast result.

Electronic gambling machines, in other words slots, can be played not only in land-based casinos, but also online. Real gambling has its amenities such as special atmosphere. Therefore, playing slots in real casinos may be chiefly because of the gaming process delight. Online casinos, however, are more suitable.

Slots Types

Virtual casinos offer not just simple slot games, but also online slot tournaments. Before highlighting the process of tournaments it is recommended to become familiar with precise information about basic slot types, which might be helpful. Slot types in both casinos are:

  1. Straight slots are usual slots which have either three or five reels and do not offer some complicacy.
    • The Multiple Payline slots, which also include Video Slots as a subtype. Multi-line slots include various paylines that player can bet on.
    • The Bonus multipliers. Some of the reels have a symbol, which can be substituted for any other symbol in order to gain a victory.
    • Buy-a-Pay slot. This type of machine has more than one payout table.
    • The Multiplier. This type has particular symbol on one or several reels that multiplies a win.
    • Wildcard - any symbol that can be substituted in a line for getting a payout.
  2. Progressive slots cam be either individual or linked among other progressive slots. They grant the largest jackpot, but each machine takes some percentage from the coins to the total jackpot.
  3. Bonus slots offer extra games for additional bets.

Tournament Types

Slot tournament are usually conducted within one casino, however, might be exceptions. Players compete with each other on a settled amount of credits.

Two types of tournaments exist:

  • Free tournament
  • Tournament with entering fee.

The sense of casino to conduct free tournaments is in attracting new gamblers. The length and prizes of the tournament depend on the size of entering fee.