Progressive slot description

Slot machines are the easiest type from casino games. They were invented long time ago, but the popularity of this game doesn't change. All casinos either land-based or online enjoy wide popularity because of slot existence. There are three major types of slots and a lot of variants. Classic slots are usual three or five reels machines, progressive slots take some percentage from the inserted coins to the total jackpot, bonus slots grant extra games for additional bets.

Progressive slots guide

Online progressive slots do not differ from those that are represented in land-based casinos. The principle of progressive slots is that all machines of such a kind are linked with each other. Each player who plays progressive slot makes a donation to the total jackpot.

It means that the jackpot will grow due to the spent amount of money and to the quantity of gamers. Until some of the gamblers will hit a jackpot, its amount will become larger and larger. After a jackpot appeared, the gained amount is reset to the initial figure and jackpot starts growing again.

Types of progressive slots

In addition to linked progressive slots, which were described above, there are also individual progressives, whose jackpot grows with every next game and Multi-Location Progressives that are linked with slots in various casinos. Progressive slots jackpot is a dream of each gambler.

However, before make this dream comes true, gamblers should know that every slot machine has a given return - the ratio of how much money were paid off in comparison to the amount that was wagered. The probability of hitting a jackpot depends on the number of symbols per reel and the number of reels.

Looking ate fact, that all symbols are selected randomly, it is quite impossible to win a jackpot. But, nevertheless, some small probability still exists.