Progressive slot rules

In order to fully understand how progressive slots work, you need to know that a lot of online casinos out there use Microgaming software, not just Wild Jack. In games of progressive slots, every Microgaming casino the world over is linked together electronically, so any time somebody plays a game of progressive slots at a Microgaming casino, even more money will be added to the overall jackpot.

You can just imagine how fast the jackpot actually grows because of the amount of players of online slots on the Internet today. As a matter of fact, just watching the meter of the jackpot go up is already fun in itself because of it.

Playing the Game

As with other slot machines online, progressive slots come in various sizes and shapes. There is 5-reel and 3-reel progressive slots with different pay line amounts, with multipliers and scatter symbols, and with various symbols that are based on each slot game's theme. And, like with other slots games online, there are lots of ways to actually win the game and a lot of different prizes aside from the main progressive jackpot.

Regular online slots and online progressive slots get played the exact same way. You choose your coin first and then choose the amount of pay lines, as well as the amount of coins for each pay line that you want to play. After that, you click on Spin and cross your fingers.

Winning the Game

The majority of progressive slots have one vital rule, though: you need to bet the highest amount of coins if you want to win the jackpot. Never forget this particular rule. After all, you wouldn't be happy if you get all of the required symbols in the proper line and think the big jackpot is yours, just to learn you weren't actually eligible for it. Therefore, the greatest strategy for progressive slots would just be to click on the button for Maximum Bet the minute you join the game, so you can stop worrying about messing up.

After clicking on Maximum Bet and Spin, every game comes with a different set of rules to win the jackpot. When it comes to King 5-Reels, for example, you will need to get five Kings on the 9th pay line that is enabled.

After someone lucky wins the big jackpot, it will be reset for each game and the cycle will start again. This means that people will once again keep playing to add more money to the jackpot and the wheel will turn while the jackpot keeps getting bigger until somebody wins.