Slot payouts

Straight slots tend to have payouts scheduled for how many coins are bet. A single coin jackpot might payout 800, while bets with two coins will payout 1,600 and bets with three coins will payout 2,400. Depending on the coin's value, the payout can vary. When it comes to this payout scale, in particular, a fifty cent coin will payout 1,200 for a bet of three coins, while a $1 coin will payout 2,400 for a bet of three coins.

On straight slots, such payouts will never change. Depending on the slot machine's payout schedule, however, winning payouts can differ from one machine to the next. Now you know how straight slot and progressive slot jackpot payouts are different.

So, if the maximum payout stands for 10,000 on a bet of three coins, a bet of two coins would have a maximum payout of 4,000 and a bet on one coin would payout 2,000 on one spin. This just goes to show that more coins in a bet will give to better payouts and odds overall.

Who Wins?

Players that don't care about payout schedules usually end up being the ones who leave without winning a single coin. On that same note, players that merely watch the maximum payout on a machine will not win much, either.

Conversely, the smart way to check out payout schedules would be to check the lower combinations of winning symbols. Pick machines that provide high winnings for medium and lower symbol combinations since they usually hit more and will help you play longer because of it. Don't play on slot machines just because they have higher maximum payouts.

This is because your odds of actually winning the big jackpot are much lower compared to winning small payouts. While walking through casinos, you also need to look at every payout schedule on the slot machines before playing.

Good luck!