Variations of Straight Slots

The history of slot machines began in 1887. It was heavy iron machine that has only three reels and the lever from its right side, because of this detail slot are also known as one-armed bandits. All wins were paid out in a non-cashable way. No wander, at that time slots enjoyed wide popularity among citizens. Such a big interest to this gaming type entails the necessity of its further development. With the plan of time slots were modernized. Right now both online casinos and real ones have many variations of slot games to offer. The simplest type of machines is classical slots or they are also known as Straight slots.

Variations of straight slots

To diversify the process of the game, developers implemented sever variations of classical slots, which make the game more enjoyable and interesting. So, they are:

  • Multiple Paylines - allow playing on more than one play line.
  • Multiplier - when reels have symbols that multiply winning amount.
  • Bonus multiplier - when one of the reels has a symbol, which multiplies bonus.
  • Wildcard - particular symbol that may be substituted for any other symbol in a line.
  • Buy a Pay - machines with several payout tables.

Straight slot odds

The odds of win on all slots types are almost the same. Of course, progressive slots have bigger amount of jackpot, but in any case, it doesn't mean that someone will get one. Slots refer to the random number games. It means that all of them are operated with the help of program which is known as Random Number Generator (RNG).

This program selects random symbols every two second. Therefore it is quite unpredictable what combination of symbols will appear. Moreover, the bigger is the jackpot or a winning possibility the more player has to deposit. Playing Multiline slots, in order to win the biggest possible amount, gambler has to invest maximum number of coins. So, the issue of slots winning odds is very disputable.