Types of bonuses

When it comes to casinos, you will most probably encounter various bonuses, some of which only appear in slots based on reels. The majority of major casinos out there provide 5-reel and 3-reel slots games, though, and the amount of reels will usually be related to whatever amount of payouts exist for each spin. 3-reel slots have five payouts that come with each spin and 5-reel slots usually provide higher pay lines - up to 100. Find out about the bonuses you could come across in such games here.

Reel Bonuses

  1. Free Spins are a huge favorite because they reward players with more spins whenever they get a certain symbol combination.
  2. Every now and then, reel games will come with certain slider symbols that move on one pay line spot or exchange their places with other symbols on other pay lines. This could break or make winning combinations and are simply called Sliders.
  3. A Cascades bonus refers to pay line symbols being replaced with other kinds of symbols, called wild symbols, which improve the payouts by multiplying them.
  4. Wild Symbols are like wild cards in card games. They show up on pay lines and get substituted for symbols that players need in order to win a certain combination. They act as multipliers sometimes, too.
  5. Non-reel games are becoming very popular now, too, as casinos try to make the gaming experience of slots deeper. These slots aren't limited to consequent combinations or spins that appear on pay lines, though; they are merely limited by the software developers' complexity levels. Still, these slots games also have bonuses, as follows.

Non-Reel Bonuses

Pick Your Box refers to a basic bonus that makes you choose a box with a prize inside. Several newer non-reel games provide multiple stages of this where the player can move through different levels and get bigger multipliers and prizes as he moves forward. Usually, these are used at non-reel games with story lines that have to be followed.

A Free for Everybody bonus game gives the player the chance to choose a lot of multipliers and prizes until they choose a spoiler to end the bonus or within a time limit.

During the progression of casinos, the variety in bonuses has progressed, as well. Today, it isn't uncommon to come across non-reel and reel games with at least three bonus features. In fact, every game of slots features scatter, wild and multiplier symbols along with free spins that will improve the player's gaming experience.

Classic reel slots are still the most-loved ones today, though, since they offer up straightforward pay line and spin rewards. Still, online casinos tend to stock up on a wide selection of difference slot bonuses for every player. Enjoy!