Terms of Conditions

In order to play in our online casino, you have to have appropriate software. By accepting this agreement, you will be granted by a sub license for using the software provided by us. This sub license is not transferable, and any application of it is regulated by our Terms and Conditions.


All the details regarding the use of sub-license provided are the integral part of the license agreement, and can be found on our pages, including the rules regarding paying methods and procedures, with all the rules regarding playing in the casino. Any changes and/or updates will be announced on our pages.

The sub-license is provided non-exclusively, and the protection of his information, passwords etc are users' responsibilities. The same apply on the software use. All software provided is our Company ownership, and the customer is obliged to behave accordingly.

Our Site as a provider of services isn't responsible for any disputes regarding clients' eventual problems with his ISP provider or any other technical difficulty that may occur.


We are committing to this agreement in good faith. In case our customer/client abuses any part of our agreement, or features or bonuses offered, we preserve the right to restrict his access, deny any bonuses resulting from that abuses, or to venture some other discrete actions in order to protect our business and policy.