Video Slots - advanced slot game

First slot machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey. It was huge iron machine with three reels and with a lever from its right side. Its popularity increased rapidly among gambling houses, saloons and even stores. Today, slot machines are the most popular game of chance among other casino games. Slots attract many people by their simple gaming process. There is no need even for beginner to have some particular skills to play slots. Online video slot games are the same as real casino games. Therefore, player can easily try plying slots through the Internet and even for free.

Modern slots either have both a button and lever or just a button. In addition to classic slots with three or five reels, there are also progressive slots and bonus slots. The classic slots, or they are also called straight slots have their subtypes - machines with different options. One of such subtype is called Video slot machine, which also has a lot of variants.

Video slot distinction

Video slots are the most modern type of slot machine. In most cases, exactly this type of slots is widely-presented in casinos than any other. Video slots have five reels and can run about 50 betting lines. Their odds are considerably higher than these of the usual slots. Video slots have more interactive elements such as improved graphics and bonus games.

They give a possibility to change the value of coins and the number of coins, depending on the number of paylines player will bet. There are "wild" symbols that can be substituted for any other symbol, "scattered" symbols which multiply winning amount.

In spite of all Video slots privileges, do not forget that any slot game is a matter of chance. All of them work with the help of special program, which generates spontaneous symbols. This fact do not allow player to make some predictions regarding the outcome of the game.