Video slot rules

Every video slot machine will have an area in front where various buttons can be found, each of which come with a different purpose or use. Generally, two rows exist with five to seven buttons on them.

The row at the very back is related to how many credits you wish to wager per line. These buttons usually control the feature of black or red gambling.

The row at the front includes the maximum bet button, the lines for every spin and, in several cases, help buttons. The maximum bet butting will automatically bet the highest amount of coins before starting a game. The lines for every spin button will control the amount of lines that you bet on every game and the help button will lead to extra game information screens, when present.

The Payout Tables

Generally, video slots payout tables can be located in different places: at the very top, on the actual screen, or in the panel under the screen.

Before playing, you should always take a few minutes to read the table information so you can learn about each game's payouts, betting requirements and bonus features. If a maximum bet is needed for the jackpot, you will always find out about it on the payout table, as well - just like that.

Overall, playing slots is one of the easiest ways to have fun at gambling casinos without needing a lot of skills. Still, it would be vital to read the payout table first, no matter what kind of slots player you are.

Good luck!